The Zeal of Thy House: The Law and God's Glory

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Sermon Date: 
March 04, 2018
Book(s) of the Bible: 


Psalm 19; Exodus 20; Romans 7; John 2

"Make not My Father's house a place of trade." The world is charged with the grandeur of God yet we have seared all with "trade."  Forgetting this is God's house, we do not receive God's creatures as gifts but pursue them as ends. We cry "encore, encore" and rarely notice how the joy diminishes.  

The Law of the Lord is perfect...God gives the Law so we know how to hallow God's House, but we tame the Law and turn it into a transaction: And so Jesus comes to the Temple on the Feast of Passover and finds the marketplace set up within the temple.

He makes a whip: He is consumed with Zeal because he has identified with his Father--My Father's House...and he is defending the honor of God/ declaring his glory.   What about Paul in Romans 7?  Rather than remake God in his own image, Paul recognizes that the Law reveals the conflict in his own soul: with his flesh he serves sin and with the mind he serves God.  Yet he resolves to identify with Christ.  And so we defend the sanctity of life, the unborn, human trafficking.  The sanctity of marriage, God’s dignity in the poor.  Because we are relentless at defending glory of God in our lives. 

Christ is resurrecting not the Temple building, but the Meaning of the Temple: the World. the Church.  His Body. Our hearts. The whip will be taken to his Body, so that he can cleanse all things.