All Saints has a four-fold mission of Wisdom, Witness, Mercy, and Fellowship that extends from our central calling to Worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness.

Each year kicks off with Sign up Sunday at which everyone has the opportunity to sign up and be part of the direction and work of a ministry.

The Wisdom committee: Christ has specifically called the Church to “make known the Wisdom of God” and the Wisdom Committee serves in the teaching and instruction through New Members and Confirmation Classes, Sunday School for all Ages, and family VBS.

The Witness committee: Christ specifically commissioned the church to “be witnesses unto Me…unto the ends of the earth.”  The Witness Committee helps plan and organize how All Saints proclaims the the Kingdom of God in Monroe and beyond, whether it’s through Community Picnics, the Sacred Arts Series, Art Camp, Celtic Music Night, or participation in the Youth Camp or foreign missions.

The Mercy Committee: We who have received Mercy are called to give Mercy, Jesus explained, “forasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto Me.”  The Mercy Committee organizes opportunities for the whole congregation to work together to serve a local need—whether serving lunches at Grace Place, gathering goods for Ouachita Council on Aging, Life Choices and Family Promise, or visiting at St. Joseph’s Home. 

The Fellowship Committee: Bear ye one another’s burdens, St. Paul admonished in light of the Church’s essential life kinit together in one Body in the Fellowship of Christ.  The Fellowship Committee is made up of several sub-committees that all work to cultivate the community at All Saints.  The Hospitality Committee minds the “Front door and back door”—welcoming visitors and looking after members in need.  The Snack Committee organizes a reception following worship every week to extend the Eucharistic Fellowship into the Fellowship hall.  The Special Events Committee plans and prepares for any banquets or lunches at the church. 

The Worship Committee: To Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness is the One Thing Needful—the source, sum, and summit of the whole Christian life.  No ministry can mean anything apart from the Life of our Common Union in Christ.  The Worship Committee is composed of several sub-committees that prepare for weekly Eucharist and Evening Prayer.  The Altar Guild prepares the altar each Sunday and cleans up afterward with long term care for all the articles of worship.  Linens Care takes home the linens each week to wash, iron and fold.  The Acolytes/Servers are trained to assist at the Altar and administer the cup.  The Lectors read the Scriptures to the Congregation each week.  The Flower Guild beautifies the altar with flowers each week to commemorate both the season and loved ones.   

Whatever gifts you have, there is a place for you to serve at All Saints.