Let this Mind be in you

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April 16, 2019
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Philippians 2 calls us to union through being transformed together into the Mind of Christ. St. Paul sets that Pattern in our midst as Christ demonstrates Biblical Wisdom.  As the symbol of Wisdom looks into a mirror, so Christ made a clear sighted deliberation of reality--"He did not think equality with God a think to be grasped."  Second, He empties (Kenosis) himself--humbling himself, modeling the kind of docility we must have to be open to council in making judgment on subtle matters.  In this way, St. Paul is impressing the Image of Christ Crucified upon us as the reality of what God looks like when he becomes man--for Kenosis--self-emptying love--is of the very character of God and most fully revealed on the cross.  Finally, Jesus obeys-not based on a calculus of results but based on forsight--a knowledge of the true Good.  Every action we choose is imprinting on us either the image of heaven or hell--and that is the basis of our decision.  Jesus was obedient, even unto the Death of the Cross--perfectly expressing the love of God--wherefore God has given him a Name above all Names to the glory of God the Father.