Jesus Binds the Strong Man: The rise and fall of Satan

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June 10, 2018
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Have you ever heard the story of when Jesus was mobbed by demoniacs, declared insane by his family and accused of being demon possessed by  the authorities? 

The forked tongue of Satan divides everyone against Jesus—the ruler, his family, the desperate crowd.  But this was just another Tuesday for Jesus. 

Parable of the Divided House: Satan had pulled a blanket over the whole world—back when he divided and conquered Man in Eden: He had always hated Man. Beelzebub: Lord of the Flyers.  Prince of the Power of the Air—minions prevent even God’s angels in their charge to bring the nations to God.  Man was God's weakness, but Jesus was opening the peoples eyes.  

Parable of the Strong Man:  The Fall of Satan is set from Genesis 3 to Isaiah 14 to Ezekiel 28, and the crack in his Kingdom comes at Jesus baptism when the Holy Spirit opens Heaven and Falls upon the Christ.  Jesus defeats Satan in the Wilderness and comes back in the power of the Holy Spirit declaring the Kingdom of God. 

Parable of the Unpardonable Sin: Satan the Accuser snears when he hears that God forgives.  Satan was holding all in death until the Judgment when he pulls out his books.  Can any Seed of Woman ever blot out the handbook of ordinances—the list of grievances—and spoil the principalities and powers?