The Cosmic Battle of the Mind

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Sermon Date: 
February 26, 2018
Book(s) of the Bible: 


Mark 8; Romans 8,12; I Corinthians 1-2; Philippians 2

Peter is attempting to manage Christ, but Christ reveals a great divide--a cosmic battle in which Peter is thinking the thoughts of Jesus' adversary:"Get behind me, Satan!"  It's a call for us to be transformed by the Mind of Christ--to take every thought captive for the obedience of Christ in the Body of Christ--to follow they way of the cross. In the battle for our minds, Satan has warped man, so that "what the heart desires, the will chooses and the reason justifies."  In following and Worshiping the crucified Lamb; however, our passions are transformed and our mind is reordered in humility and love, so that we are not living to save our lives but to spend them for Christ in Wisdom, Witness, Mercy and Fellowship.