Being Godforsaken

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March 25, 2018
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Mark 15; Psalm 22

This morning I don't have a message--a pithy lesson on the Passion.  Rather, when it comes to the Crucifixion, the important thing is just Being there.  Being Pilate who cowers before the mob but marvels at the silence of this Man who claims Kingship only at them moment when he's most powerless. Being the rulers who are gripped by Envy--that fear going back to Cain as to why this Man is acceptable and they are not.  Being the crowds incited to rage in a misplaced justice that this Man did not live up to expectations.  Being the Soldiers--seeking what little pleasure and compensation they could get in their Godforsaken lives.  Being the Witnesses--both longing and fearing that Jesus was who He said He was.   Being Godforsaken in the Darkness as this Man on the Cross cries out for our God-Forsaken humanity--and as He gives Himself, breathing His last at the hour of Evening Sacrifice--we recognize the Son of God--the Accepted One.