First Sunday for Foster Families!

Fr. Terry, Deanna, and Sharon Marchman went to explore Project 2.5+ in September in Monroe. Project 2.5+ is a local organization that works to collect and distribute new and gently used items to foster families in the Ouachita area. Located in north Monroe, they have established a shopping area in a church and schedule families to come and “shop” for what they may need at the time.

Items in the free store include all sorts of items such as clothes, kid’s furniture, toys, baby supplies, school supplies, etc.! Project 2.5+ is always in need of more items and hands on help, which is where we come in!

Starting in November 2021, All Saints is establishing “First Sunday for Foster Families” which will be an ongoing monthly day (the first Sunday of each month) of collection of items and donations for Project 2.5+. On this day, bring any items that your kids or grandkids have outgrown, toys that may be just lying around, or even new kids items that you think are cute!

Please join us in supporting this amazing organization and the foster families who are serving in the Ouachita area.

If you have questions, please ask!

Find Project 2.5+ on Facebook!

Project 2.5+ at North Monroe