The Incarnation of Love

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Sermon Date: 
December 31, 2017
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Through the Incarnation God is reproducing His Sonship in us:  The Son who abides in the Bosom of the Father at the Beginning of John's Gospel reproduces Himself in the Beloved Disciples who abides in the Bosom of Christ later in John's Gospel: And of His fulness have all we received and grace for grace. 

In his Prologue (John 1:1-18, St. John reveals this New Birth as a three--fold movement of the Incarnation: From the Beginning in Heaven (Verses 1-2 and18), to Revelation (verses 3-11 and15-17)), to Incarnation (verses 12-14).  Movement 1: Peering into Heaven (the true Holy of Holies/ Sanctuary of God) John describes God as not alone--the Son rests in the bosom of the Father.  Movement 2: Issuing out of the Sanctuary, this Communion of Love creates the world through the Divine Wisdom--the Pattern of all things----who seeks to reveal Himself to all men through the revelation of the creation and the prophetic witness.  Movement 3: Coming into the midst of "those who receive HIm," the Divine Wisdom becomes Flesh and  dwells among us so that we may dwell in Him--receiving, believing and beholding the Father in the Son. 

As we are gathered together as one body in Worship, may we receive hm, believe him and behold  him.